Wave Makers - Jeanna Garrett

Wave Maker Member Spotlight
– Jeanna Garrett 

What company do you work for?

Please describe your role?
As President of PIVIUM, I lead a team of awesome AV professionals who are charged
with bridging the gap between technology, content and audio-visual integration. My
career includes a variety of roles in the construction industry, across administration,
management, accounting, and finance, and now I’m leading the company as it expands
its footprint in today’s evolving marketplace.

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Wave Makers - Kathryn Cordina

Learn and connect with Kathryn Cordina

Please describe your role?

The most important part to my role is always taking care of the customer, weather it is an integrator, consultant or end user. I spend a lot of time listening to customers needs and pairing them with the right SCT solutions. Helping customers with projects is a fantastic feeling. I like when solutions we discuss help solve a problem. I also update and train customers on new technology. At SCT, I get to stretch my talents in the Marketing and Training department as well. I love learning and it's really exciting to wear a few different hats. Our Business Development team works together and it's fun to work hard, help grow business and work on cool projects.

If you worked in another industry, what struck you when you first entered the AV industry?
AV was my first "real" job out of college. What struck me as unique were the people. So many amazing folks that wanted to work hard, have fun and make sure to go above and beyond for the customer. Plus, I've met some amazing musicians in our industry! Most of them have cool stories about being on tour with cool bands. Love it!

If you have been in the industry a while, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen, if any?
It has been fun to see some of the changes in the industry. One of the best is the increased number of women since I started. We are still not at the numbers we would like, but over the last 25+ years, the percent has grown. I look forward to it growing even more! Another big change was going from an analog world to digital. The technology has evolved in an exciting way and continues to be innovative. The video walls and content are incredible these days!

Do you have any recommendations for “must read” books relating to business; being a woman in business, business in general or motivational books?
I just recently finished 2 great books. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey. Both I would highly recommend. Great reads that let you look at your life, how you deal with different scenarios and how to overcome fears.

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I like to golf with my husband, take my Doberman, Mookie to the park and see friends and family. Every morning, you can find me in the gym. Todd (my husband) and I enjoy traveling and hiking. I love watching pretty much every sport (Go Cowboys!) and sometimes I get a chance to relax with a good Netflix or Prime series. (loved Jack Reacher) I also co-lead the Dallas chapter of the AVIXA Women's Council. I love that we volunteer for charitable events, including STEM events for elementary students. Talking about AV with elementary kids is really fun.

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CI Making Waves Finding My Voice: Lessons in Confidence and Communication

Learn 10 Communication Tips for women on speaking your truth, and dealing with difficult situations

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CI Making Waves - Navigating Mental Disintegration: Prioritizing Mental Health

By Brandy Alvarado-Miranda/ CEO BAM! Marketing & PR Agency

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I’ve been feeling mentally disintegrated. I have a lot going on in my personal life that has left me feeling overwhelmed, tired, sad, mad, and a whole range of emotions. Personally, the last four months have been awful, but I am on the road to healing. I’m grateful during this time for several things, friends I can call and count on, a wonderful therapist that enlightens me, and a bunch of books and resources that have shed some light and have helped me find clarity.

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CI Making Waves June - Embracing Pride: WAVIT's Journey of Inclusivity and Support

"You are SAFE With Me” Campaign Amplifying LGBTQ+ Voices and Allyship

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PR: League of Her Own Softball Tournament to Raise Funds for WAVIT Outreach Programming

Anaheim, CA – April 23, 2024 –Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women in the audio-visual industry, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Northeast Regional Service Provider Softball Tournament on May 18, 2024, at Eisenhower Park on Long Island. This exciting event not only promises a day of friendly competition between the teams from Digital Labor Solutions, Exertis Almo, Atlantis Partners, but also serves as a crucial fundraiser for WAVIT’s outreach programming.

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CI-Making Waves Mentoring

The Case for Women Mentoring Women

Mentoring programs play a vital role in empowering young women. These programs provide them with guidance, support and a strong foundation for personal and professional development. They’re essential because they offer young women access to experienced individuals who can share their knowledge and insights, thus serving as role models and sources of inspiration. 

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IWD 2024 - Recap

Thanks for joining us for our IWD 2024 event. Here's a video replay of the event along with a take-away "5 Ways to Empower Women in the Workplace and Leadership", a guide by TeLisa Daughtry our IWD speaker. 

▶ This guide is designed to empower women
in the workplace to advocate for themselves,
navigate obstacles, eliminate limiting beliefs to
elevate in leadership and thrive in their careers.

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Breaking Barriers: #InspireInclusion in AV/IT Industries for International Women's Day

Breaking Barriers: #InspireInclusion in AV/IT Industries for International Women's Day

by Brandy Alvarado-Miranda

Gloria Steinem once eloquently stated, "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." As we celebrate International Women's Day 2024, we embark on a journey to #InspireInclusion in the audio-visual (AV) and information technology (IT) industries. This campaign aims to create a more diverse, equitable, and supportive environment for women, recognizing their invaluable contributions to these fields.

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CI Making Waves - Imposter Syndrome or Systemic Barriers?

Imposter Syndrome or Systemic Barriers?

from Commercial Integrator Jan/Feb 2024 Issue

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Wave Makers - Cheryl Walton and Carrie McKenzie-Bush

Introducing Wave-Makers, our member spotlight. Each month we ask some of our inspiring members to answer a few questions about themselves.  We are starting with our membership committee co-chairs Cheryl Walton and Carrie McKenzie-Bush, as we kick off our 2nd year of WAVIT. Here is a little more about the two of them, feel free to reach out if you need questions answered about membership or getting someone recruited. They are also at many industry events this year across the country , so if you see them, please say hi, they'd love to connect with you. 

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Press: Join WAVIT, NSCA, & the AVIXA Women’s Council for "The Future is WE" Event for International Women’s Day

Anaheim, CA – February 8, 2024 – Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries, NSCA, and the AVIXA Women’s Council are thrilled to invite you to their International Women's Day event, "The Future is WE: Women & Equity," where the AV/IT community can come together to empower, connect, and forge a path towards women's equality. This event, organized by WAVIT, NSCA, and the AVIXA Women’s Council, aims to raise awareness and create an industry that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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Raegan Thompson Joins the American Music & Sound Internship Program in Collaboration with WAVIT

January 12, 2024 - American Music and Sound (AM&S) is proud to announce the appointment of Raegan Thompson as the first addition to their music industry internship program. Thompson’s hiring represents a key milestone in the ongoing initiative resulting from the partnership between Exertis | JAM’s AM&S division and Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), with a shared goal of enhancing diversity and creating avenues for aspiring professionals in the AV/IT workforce.

The 6-month long music industry internship aims to nurture the intern’s professional growth with mentorship from seasoned industry professionals and exposure to real-world projects led by an award-winning team. Thompson will receive valuable experience working closely with the AM&S marketing team, various JAM departments, and key customer accounts. Responsibilities will include conducting market research, developing social media content strategies, analyzing social media, and marketing performance, and assisting with the coordination of commercial events and trade shows.

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WAVIT Invites You to Attend 'Recipes for Success' Luncheon: Empowering Women in Digital Signage

WAVIT+WoDS DSE Lunch Anaheim, CA – November 13, 2023 – Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV, IT, and digital signage industries, proudly present a thought-provoking luncheon titled "Empowering Women in Digital Signage: Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received." This inspiring event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, December 5th, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at the Keynote Stage during the Digital Signage Experience (DSE). The DSE explores every aspect of digital and interactive display technology, from concept and design to content and analytics. DSE is a tradeshow that offers a truly immersive experience for the fast-changing digital and interactive display industry.

The luncheon aims to create a platform for women in the dynamic digital signage industry to connect, learn, and be inspired. The panel discussion, "Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received," will feature accomplished women leaders and experts sharing their “recipes for success” and the guidance that propelled them to success. Attendees will be treated to a lunch buffet and can interact, ask questions, and seek advice to foster a supportive community within the digital signage industry. 

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Making Waves Overcoming Gender Bias in AV Design

Overcoming Gender Bias in AV Design

Rebecca Sullins - Making Waves from Commercial Integrator Magazine - Making Waves Nov/Dec 2023

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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Commercial Integrator Bridging the 131-Year Gender Gap

Bridging the 131-Year Gender Gap: Uniting for Equality and Action

By Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, CEO of BAM! Marketing & PR Agency and Founder of #WAVIT

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Digital Signage Veteran Carrie Garcia Joins WAVIT Board

Carrie Garcia Board Anaheim, CA – October 31, 2023 – Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries, has added digital signage veteran Carrie Garcia to its board of directors. 

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AM&S Music Industry Internship Program

WAVIT Program to promote diversity and inclusion and create career pathways in the AV/IT Industry

Anaheim, CA – October 17, 2023 – Women in AV/IT (WAVIT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries, and American Music and Sound (AM&S), a leading distributor of consumer electronic goods, pro-audio equipment, and musical instruments, is proud to announce their Music Industry Internship Program.

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Commercial Integrator Making Waves Article: What’s your Self-Worth?

Commercial Integrator Making Waves Article: What’s your Self-Worth?

By Susan Wilhite

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PR-WAVIT Offers Free Commercial Integrator Expo Passes to Members

Anaheim, CA – August 16, 2023 – Women in AV/IT (WAVIT) members, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the AV and IT industries, has partnered with Commercial Integrator Expo (CIX) to provide its members with a complimentary full conference registration for the CIX program and exhibit hall access (a $549 value). 

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