Education, Outreach and Initiatives

WAVIT’s goal is to provide a network that supports and empowers women in the AV and IT industries, through education, outreach, and initiatives. If you’re looking for personal and professional development, then look no farther. WAVIT will offer courses that will offer personal and career growth opportunities.

Looking for a mentor, or looking to become a mentor? We know that mentorship is important because it helps women level up in their careers, supports gender equality, and helps close the pay gap. It also supports female representation in leadership roles. Stay tuned for details about this program, and how to join.

Need a career change? Try our Ripple Effect Job Board. You can post your resume and create a profile that can be viewed by potential employers.

Hiring? We’d love for you to consider posting your positions on our Ripple Effect Job Board. You’ll gain access to potential candidates as well as a network of connectors. WAVIT is invested in attracting and retaining women in the AV/IT industries. Let us help connect you!

Need a safe space to place to ask questions and get answers? Try our community forum called Turning Tides. We aim to support women in any way that makes them feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident.

Another resource that will be available are events. We know that virtual and in-person events are great opportunities to bond, learn, and connect. Stay tuned for upcoming WAVIT conferences and webinars.  

One of WAVIT’s main objectives will be outreach. We identified the need for a dedicated focus on activities and actions that support the “women of tomorrow” as they find their love of STEM, AV, IT, and parallel industries.  We know that in order to increase the number of women in our industries, we have to pave a career path through outreach initiatives.